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Plasma Jets

22 August 2020

At https://phys.org/news/2020-08-black-hole-powers-jet-magnetic.html … here we have an admission that the black hole in the heart of galaxies has an electro-magnetic connection. The downside is that it is presented as a way to keep the black hole mainstream hypothesis alive and kicking. A sort of kick back if you like. The discovery of a jet of plasma shooting out of the centre of galaxies has caused a certain  amount of angst, it would seem. We are told that a black hole powers a jet by magnetic flux. Black holes, the author advises, at the centres of galaxies, have an unimaginably large mass which attracts matter, gases, and even light. However, it has recently been found they can also emit matter in the form of plasma jets, somewhat contradictory to classic black hole thinking. These plasma plumes are ejected from the centre of galaxies with tremendous energy, and they can extend outward over hundreds of thousands of light years into deep space. When this intense radiation is emitted the black hole remains hidden because the light rays are in the shadow. In other words, astronomers can see the plasma plume but they still can't see the source, assumed to be a black hole. It is the plasma jet that lights up. The process, in this theorisation, is that magentic reconnection is involved. Is this a vague pointer to a similarity with coronal mass ejections from the sun?

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