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Earth and Venus

27 November 2020

At https://sciencex.com/news/2020-11-ancient-earth-thick-toxic-atmosphere.html … and see also https://doi.org/10.1126/sciadv.abd1387 … Venus has a thick toxic atmosphere is the premise with which it begins. Now, it seems, early earth likewise once had a thick toxic atmosphere too. Apparently, it disappeared  when earth cooled down – but this didn't happen on Venus. This may sound a lot like Velikovsky and a young Venus but it is not. It is the product of mucking about with computer simulation it would seem, factoring in other planets – including Venus. Obviously, the atmosphere of Venus would play some kind of role as it was factored in to the data the computer ingested, whirled around, and spewed out. A wonderful article is however the result of the simulation [see above]. The beginning of all the planets began with the premise that they were formed from accretions and gradually bundled together particles of dust that grew bigger and bigger and were bound together by the pull of gravity. Eventually, they were big rocky bodies but that was not enough. It took an impact by another planetary body to generate an enormous amount of energy and create our atmosphere. Early earth is thus  thought to have had a thick toxic atmosphere similar to Venus, an impact that bounced off the moon [to add a bit more action to the plot]. Earth was left scorched, and the surface, a sea of molten rock – again, somewhat as perceived of Venus. Once the atmosphere came into being, containing such goodies as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen gases the planet fumed for a while, like the steam from a power station chimney, and just as ephemeral. When the magma cooled it became our Mantle, but the big question is yet to come – why does the earth not nowadays resemble Venus? Water. It condense out of the gases and, you  can guess, co2 was involved in the process. The Urey Reaction is invoked which must mean that was factored into the data also. Whilst earth gained life and a permanent atmosphere which evolved over time poor old Venus never progressed. It still has a thick, hot and toxic atmosphere. That doesn't mean it had a recent origin, aka Velikovsky, but it might mean it didn't have the appropriate scale of impact event. Don't you just love computer science.

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