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Dogger Bank

3 December 2020

In one of those strange twists of fate we have this story at https://phys.org/news/2020-12-sediment-cores-dogger-littoral-island.html … where it has been learnt that the Storegga Slide at 8000 years ago did not drown Dogger Bank, as was to be expected. They will now have to start thinking up a new idea as to why sea levels went up abruptly at 8000 years  ago, and continue to rise so that Dogger Bank was eventually overwhelmed – but when. Somewhat later. The research paper was published in Antiquity this month and the information is derived from sediment cores from the sea bed. Now they seem to be saying the southern North Sea basin was drowned 8000 years ago, as previously, apart from Dogger Bank Island. Or that is what they are saying  until evidence hits them in the face again – such as Heligoland. After all, neolithic farmers could not all have arrived by boat. There were too many of them in the initial migration, six thousand years ago. The sad thing we might take from this, and the strange twist of fate, is that Dogger Bank is about to be covered in concrete to house a massive wind farm. All the evidence is about to be destroyed. More blatantly than Islamic bombs and bullets that destroyed Near Eastern heritage a few years ago. According to the media this was a step back into the dark ages. Bet they don't make a murmur about concreting Dogger Bank. Indeed, how much archaeological evidence has alreeady been lost from the continental shelf system off the coasts of Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. All for nothing. Well, nothing for the plebs. Lots for the big pockets.

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