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Imhotep’s Tomb

16 January 2021

Links sent in by Gary who has some interesting ideas on Egyptian iconography and history. As far as I can tell this story is only at the Express which is not the most reliable of sources if their scare stories on weather is anything to go by. However, Gary drags in Baldrick, or rather Tony Robinson who has began a new series on Egyptian tombs on Channel 5. Details on this are available at www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/tony-robinson-makes-incredible-4000-13647760 … which partly compliments Gary's link to the programme at https://www.channel5.com/show/egyptian-tomb-hunting/ … which is worth watching, and lasts one hour and 23 minutes. Gary's main link to Imhotep is at www.express.co.uk/news/world/1187074/egypt-breakthrough-imhotep-tomb-fou… … where an Egyptian archaeologist, claims a particular  tomb may have been that of Imhotep, from images on the  wall. Unfortunately, the tomb, and several others in the vicinity, had been broken into recently with a mechanical digger. The roof was trashed and some of the walls and therefore it is not certain it has anything to do with Imhotep. Some Egyptologists, over the years, have suggested looking in the vicinity, which is close to the Djoser step pyramid. It is thought Imhotep was architect of the first pyramid. We will probably never know now as the tombs were looted and the spoil spirited away. It may be that some of this appears on the black market or in somebody's ill gotten collection, and if that includes objects specifically associated with Imhotep that would indeed be a breakthrough. At the moment it isn't which is probably why the story has not been picked up by other media sources.

However, Gary points a finger at an even bigger mystery. This is the statement via the Express that Imhotep controlled Aswan around 1450BC. Factually, this may be untrue as pharaoh Djoser of dynasty 3 would have controlled Aswan. The date of 1450, we are told, is not far from that of Tutankamun of dynasty 18 and Ramses the Great of dynasty 19, inferring  Djoser and Imhotep lived at this time. Quite how dynasty 3 dates to the same period is something to explain. The easiest way to do that is to assume the Express is historically ignorant and just mentioned Tutankhamun and Ramses the Great as click bait. If, on the other hand, 1450BC came from the Egyptian archaeologist and is quoted correctly we may wonder if he really was an archaeologist. However, he seemed to know all about the tomb robberies so must be local. He identified it as the tomb of Imhotep, probably provisionally rather than certainly, so this story quite possibly will bounce back into life in the next few weeks.

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