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Holocene Hockey Stick

29 January 2021
Climate change

Coinciding with the election win by you know who we suddenly have a study that purports to show Holocene temperatures were the equivalent of the original hockey stick back in 1998, largely flat and uninteresting, apart from an  uptick at the beginning, coming out of the Younger Dryas cool period, leading up to a massive uptick in the modern world, purportedly a rise in temperature of 2.5 degrees on the early Holocene. Are the plebs being rubbered up ready for the renewables revolution? See https://phys.org/news/2021-01-holocene-temperature-affirms-role-greenhou… … and we may wonder if they have been sitting on this study for a while, waiting for an opportune time to release the news that temperature rise coincides with the amount of co2 in the atmosphere, licking their lips in anticipation of the angst they might create. The hockey stick may of course have nothing to do with actual temperature through the Holocene but more to do with estimated levels of co2 in the atmosphere. This study will quickly be demolished by sceptic scientists but in the mean time the propaganda will have spread around the western world in order to get people onboard for the great green new world – as the dribbling billionairies swoon on the amount of loot in the offing. The problem is that a lot of recent studies have found the early Holocene was much warmer than today and only last week we were told mammoths and horses had survived the end of the Ice Age and lived deep into the Holocene, in regions nowadays confined to tundra. That came on top of the well known Mid Holocene warm period that has been mainstream science for yonks. Apparently, it could not have been warmer than today because there was not enough co2 in the atmosphere [or rather, not enough co2 captured in Greenland ice cores]. One can take the opposite view of the authors. A shortage of co2 in the early Holocene means that co2 has nothing to do with global temperatures, as it is known to have been warmer than the modern world. Still, that is not the point. Reality is suspended as the idea is to convince the plebs to pay more for their electricity bills and ditch their fossil fuel automobiles etc. The idea more co2 = higher temperatures is already embedded in the brains of most people as it has been repeated so many times, ad nauseum. The cream will be duly creamed off as they say. A magic money tree – for the people that matter most.

In another equally mystifying study of no relevance to anybody but those pushing the global warming alarmism we have news that farmers, around the world, especially third worlders trying to improve their lot, must not adopt western farming practises as it will increase co2 in the atmospheree. As the latter is such a small element of the atmosphere which is dominated by water and water vapour, one might sneak a little laugh at the absurdity of it all, but then this is serious business. Laughing at them for the last 30 years has done no good at all. The only positive from that is that most of the big players in the hype are passing on to the grave but the negative is that there are plenty of younger ones hanging on their coat tails. See https://phys.org/news/2021-01-up-trending-farming-landscape-disruptions-…

However, rather than see this as a conspiracy theory led by a few elite individuals, it is something far more inviduous, with tentacles that reach into parts other invasive fingers can't reach. See https://spiked-online.com/2021/01/29/the-billionaire-takeover-of-civil-s… … which is just a bit of digging by a fully committed climate doomsaying supporter. She came up with some results she was not expecting. The problem appears to be the way very wealthy people are able to by-pass paying their taxes to the state and set up so called trusts to spread their funds to causes dear to their heart. Trump missed the one way he could have stifled this flow of cash – bringing the tax system up to date. Perhaps he had a dodgy tax problem of his own and was a bit shy. In the end it bit his bum, as they say. However, the flow of cash is not limited to the US as some of these trusts have mega amounts of money to grease and feed politics around the world. Looks like China will win out in the end. It's called killing the golden goose.

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