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Rep G3 COVID peptide therapeutic

3 February 2021

Rep G3 inhibits the SARS2 coronavirus induced IL-6 IL-1b TNFa & IL-9 cytokines which cause COVID-19 disease. This is a nwly developed safe and effective Covid therapy based on a synthetic peptide solution inhaled spray.

Rupert Holms of London is heavily involved. He has spoken at a couple of SIS speaker meetings and was scheduled for a talk last year – but Covid popped up and he became immersed in research. Rupert Holms is also chairman of Nearmedic Group, a Moscow/Cyprus based pharmaceutical group. It has a 100 million dollar turnover pharmaceutical and diagnostics business operating in the Russian Federation. However, to develop therapies outside Russia they require funding – in order to produce in large quantities a Covid 19 peptide that is resistant to all strains and those likely to emerge over the next couple of years. Rupert Holms is the inventor of this family of pharmaceuticals and the first product based on this technology was called Gepon, which has a long record of safety and efficacy record in patients. It was launched on the Russian market in 2001 and is now off patent and sold to Avexima [https://avexima.ru/medicines/gepon/  … the next generation of Gepon, RepG3, has been tested on volunteers in the UK, Russia and Germany. It cured mild to moderate COVID 19 by attacking and suppressing inflammatory cytokines. They are looking for funding for clinical trials to register and distribute RepG3 in the UK and elsewhere. Whilst the crowd funding is designed to get the project off the ground, authorised institutional investors will be involved.

The Russian Sputnik 5 anti-COVID vaccine was produced with Russian government funding and the Gammelaya Institute. The latter was involved with the establishment of Nearmedic together with Holms Medical in 1989, and ezrin peptide therapy was developed in Immapharma, a start up on the Gamalaya campus. See https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/repg3-covid-peptide-therapeutic

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