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Magnetic Fields Outflow

1 March 2021

At https://phys.org/news/2021-02-magnetic-fields-astrophysical-jet.html … outflow from magnetic fields, on extragalactic jets, can form a variety of shapes. Electron density maps of plasma outflow can form a misaligned magnetic field – but not a large misalignment. In other words, the flow of electrons from magnetic plasma, on a galactic scale, is confirmed.

A new study, a bit over rated perhaps but definitely observable, is at https://phys.org/news/2021-02-scientist-captures-evidence-dynamic-season… … concerns sand dunes on Mars, inside a massive crater. A scientist was intrigued by the way gullies formed on sand dunes in the crater, in what looks like some kind of pattern. After keeping the eyes peeled for days it was concluded that co2, or ice, is responsible. It occurs on a seasonal basis which may be where the idea of ice comes in. Airborne plumes of dusty material are said to be a part of active processes whereby chunks frozen co2 slides down the dunes, kicking up sand as it descends to form gullies in the dunes. However, looking at an image at the link the pattern is very distinct, unike a random process. In addition, what exactly is frozen co2 and how much co2 does Mars possess, considering its thin atmosphere. An active process of some kind is certainly going on, and no doubt it invoilves dust and debris, including bits and pieces of ice, but is that enough. The study author [s] think it is.

Apparently, actual images of frozen co2 ice blocks has been noted by scientists, inside gullies. This explains why the authors of the study interpreted the data in the way they did. A word of caution is necessary as none of the images they have actually show the process but it is assumed dense clouds of debris are corrupting the ice blocks. Modelling was also involved.

At https://phys.org/news/2021-02-merging-boson-stars-massive-black.html … merging boson stars may explain massive black hole collisions – and prove the existence of dark matter. Bosun stars are hypothetical  objects which means we have a hypothetical brace of boson stars creating a hypothetical mass of dark matter involving a hypothetical brooding black hole.

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