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White Stuff

1 March 2021
Climate change

No, not the white snow that alarmists claim we should not  be seeing as it should have come to an end. That is global warming stuff out of the sky. No, white chalk. Gary sent in a link to www.theguardian.com/news/2021/feb/23/rock-of-ages-how-chalk-made-england… … which seems to show somebody at the Guardian has swallowed a geology book on southern England. Problem is, he has missed out all the good bits. The oddities. Why is it so pristine white for example. Where has the rest of it gone and why only a bit has survived. What created the Vale of Aylesbury and the White Horse Vale in Oxfordshire. Why is the top of the chalk plateau covered in clay and flints, and various hollows filled with rich red clays. Why is Essex full of boulder clay, a mix of clay with a source in water and erratics from further afield. Why was the top of the chalk capped with sandstones – and puddingstone. Why is this sandstone found in great big lumps in Wiltshire, the sarsens that were used to build Stonehenge, but buried under soil and tills further east, almost red in colour when it is freshly delivered out of the ground. Indeed, what fuses sand grains together to create sandstone and why are there so few foreign bodies in the chalk if it was on the sea bottom for millions and millions of years. Neither does he mention the mysterious disappearance of the chalk in the west of the country, and across Ireland. It is thought chalk existed for many miles from where it is now and has slowly eroded over time from west of Wiltshire and north of the Berkshire Downs. How does chalk rock erode slowly. It absorbs water like a sponge and allows it to filter through to other rock layers beneath it and although it is affected by frost fracturing it would take an awful long time to erode all the way down. Neither can it be put down to glacial action as the ice sheets never reached as far south as the escarpment. Water, however, may have played a role, as in ice melt. However, a slow rate of ice sheet melting would not create the Vales geology, all the way down to the Jurassic. A surge of water might have done that, from a rapidly melting ice sheet, but ice sheets don't melt very quickly in geological theory. 

Over at https://phys.org/news/2021-02-europe-forests-vulnerable-climate-related-… … here we have a nice doom laden story where all their fears appear to converge in a vale of tears. Climate change is in the process of destroying half the forests and woodland of Europe. The only problem here is that it is not climate change that is doing it but the green energy transition. Large swathes of pristine Black Forest in Germany are being cut down to be replaced with wind turbines and on a lesser scale, this is happening right across Europe. Is this another case of unintended consequences from poorly thought through policies. All the forests will have disappeared long before so called global warming has a chance to do any damage. It's a laugh a minute shedding of tears over the trees. Let's not just kill the bats and raptors lets kill the mice and rats, the badgers and hogs, the deer and ducks, every living thing that lives in the forest environment, all in the cause of green energy. The worst thing about it is that the people calling for more and more wind turbines and solar panels are well aware they can never build enough of them to satisfy current energy requirements; run factories and office complexes, charge mobile phones, run computer and bitcoin exchanges, charge vehicles and warm peoples homes. It is physically impossible in the timeline they claim is necessary for politicos to set in motion. If they know that why are they pushing such an agenda. Think about it.




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