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The Beam of the Moon

9 March 2021

This one is good. Sent in by Gary who provided the link to www.nytimes.com/2021/03/04/science/moon-tail-beam.html … it seems the moon has a comet like tail, is the clcik bait. However, it is somewhat different when we read further. The comet like tail is actually invisible to human eyesight but it exists as every month it shoots a beam around the earth. To explain this scientists suggest sodium atoms from meteors smacking on to the moon's surface collide with photons from the sun and in doing so create the tail like structure, flowing downstream from the moon. No doubt the electric universe people can come up with an alternative explanation. We shall have to wait and see. Whatever, for a few days each month, as the moon gets in the way of the earth and the sun, this tail abuts the side of our world [the side  facing the sun]. Gravity pinches the sodium stream and focuses the beam – narrowing it. The moon beam, we are told, can be seen via special cameras – which brought it to the attention of science.

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