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1582AD solar storm

31 March 2021

Another historical solar storm – this one from 1582. According to a Portuguese scribe a great fire appeared in the sky, to the north. It lasted 3 nights – an exceptional solar storm that is recorded on the other side of the world, in Japan, as a fiery red display. Similar accounts come from Leipzig in Germany and from South Korea etc. The aurora could be seen as far south as latitude 28 degrees. For further information see https://arxiv.org/abs/1905.08017 … and elsewhere. And for a media source see for example www.thesun.co.uk/tech/14518247/solar-storm-great-fire-sky-happen-again/

We are safe from the asteroid Apophis for another 100 years is the them at https://phys.org/news/2021-03-nasa-analysis-earth-safe-asteroid.html … the rogue asteroid Apophis will not be a threat in 2068 after all according to radar observations by NASA last year. This avoids worlds in collision as a future threat to human existence, it is hoped. Not really surprising as the asteroid must be in resonance with other objects in the solar system as it has probably been around for a very long time. It will makes several close approaches to the earth, in 2029 and 2036, as well as 2068. In April of 2029 Apophis will pass within 20,000 miles of the surface of the earth – and will be visible to observers on the ground, even without a telescope. Go to the horses moth at www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/nasa-analysis-earth-is-safe-from-asteroid-apoph…

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