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Deep Hot Biosphere

5 June 2021

Robert also sent in the link to https://phys.org/news/2021-06-deep-bedrock-mineral-veins-microbial.html … with the comment – 'more confirmation of Thomas Gold's deep hot biosphere proposal and not forgetting C. Warren Hunt [who advocated a similar idea to account for his particular version of an Expanding Earth model]. Gold suggested drilling in Pre-Cambrian crystalline rocks at Siljan in Sweden in search for hydrocarbon deposits as evidence for his Deep Earth Gas hypothesis. Hydrocarbons were actually found but they were negligible and the drilling was abandoned.

A similar theme is picked up by Robert at https://creation.com/billion-year-fossil-balls … which concerns a discovery in NW Scotland. The microscopic fossils were found in phosphates in shale rocks at Loch Torridon. The organisms are thought to date back one billion years ago – but they appear to be multi-cellular life forms. This represents, it is said at the link, a disproval of evolution as clearly multi cellular life came after single cell life – one would have thought. Not only that their preservation only came about as a result of rapid deep burial. In other words, without rapid burial the fossils would not have survived in near perfect condition. The argument, made by the web site author is that multi cellular life forms contradict evolution as it is taught – in small stages, one at a time. It is, instead, proof of Intelligence Design.

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