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Asteroid Psyche

10 June 2021

At https://phys.org/news/2021-06-asteroid-psyche-scientists.html … a metallic asteroid known as 16 Psyche has long been thought, by some astronomers, as a small planet that failed to form in the early solar system. It's known as jumping to conclusions. New evidence seems to suggest it is not as metallic as once considered, nor as dense. It is even being described as somewhat porous. Having said that, when one reads a bit further we learn that not by so much – 82 per cent metallic as opposed to 95 per cent. Is this a big deal?

At https://phys.org/news/2021-06-unexpected-effect-black-holes-galaxies.html … at the heart of every galaxy there is a black hole lurking in the shadows. We are assured this is true. However, its intense gravity field only affects a small region at the centre of galaxies. Cosmologists say that 'our view of the universe' can only be understood if the evolution of galaxies is regulated by the activities of these black holes. Without black holes the observed properties of galaxies cannot be explained. Is this an admission that it is all guess work once again.

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