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10 June 2021

William sent in this link – www.yahoo.com/news/lizard-oz-australia-biggest-dinosaur-123003496.html … a journal study introduces a new Aussie dinosaur – see https://peerj.com/article/11317/ .. known as Australotitan. It was a massive long necked titanosaurian sauropod that grew up to 30m in length and 6m in height.

Running on the theme of dinosaurs we have at www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9656787/ … a giant dinosaur skeleton unearthed in China. It is almost 70 per cent intact – a rarity it seems. Swallowed whole – by the earth. Lufengosaurus is named after Lufeng in SW China, where it was found. It seems dinosaurs are usually found in bits and pieces – disarticulated. Putting them back together is a laborious job.

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