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Plasma of Bloodlines

18 August 2021

Interesting post at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2021/08/14/the-plasma-of-bloodlines/ …  which is about coats of arms and heraldry in general. Symbols have been passed down through the ages. In this post by Marinus Anthony Van Der Sluijs he says such symbolism goes back into the prehistoric period. Harold Bayley said something similar in his books, several volumes, 'The Lost Language of Symbolism' which was first published in 1912 by Williams and Norgate of London. His book has been reproduced by Bracken Books [Random House] London:1996.

Van Der Sluijs says mythogenealogies are rooted in totemism. Every clan or tribe claimed descent from a totem that was believed to have lived in the remoter past. These were very often animals – or beings possessed with magical powers. Even of giant proportions, inhabiting both heaven and earth. His opinion is that the folk memory of extraordinary atmospheric, climatological, and geological changes that once reshaped the familiar environment during the early Holocene is the origin of some of this heraldry – such as the thunderbird, the dragon, the Tural falcon, and the various myths surrounding the raven. Enhanced electrical activity in the inner solar system would have transformed near earth plasmas into a visible column that seemed to tie the sky to the horizon like an umbilical cord. This column, along with concomitant figures such as the thunderbird at its apex and a dragon around its trunk, would have been shaped by electromagnetic forces acting on dusty plasma in the upper atmosphere. Human vanity led to some people, with ambitions to lead, to claim direct descent from these transient beings. He ends by saying, therefore, the ultimate origins of the heraldic menagerie are perhaps not to be found in the plasma of blood [lines] but in that of the plasma of earth's ionosphere.

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