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Alaskan Prime Pastures

13 September 2021

At https://notrickszone.com/2021/09/09/scientists-increasingly-agree-the-la… … scientists have been forced to accept that during the Late Glacial Maximum summers were several degrees warmer than in the modern world. These were endemic to Siberia and Alaska – north of the Arctic Circle. The old view that during the extent of the last Ice Age, or at least from 60,000 years ago onwards, to the beginning of the Holocene, a huge ice sheet covered the northern hemisphere from one end to the other, has been abandoned. Scientists can now write articles on this fact with impunity – unlike the situation a few years ago. Two article have appeared in 2021, including one in a recent issue of Quaternary International journal, September 2021 [Tarasov et al]. In fact, by as much as 5 degrees warmer in Alaska and eastern Siberia. To put that into perspective to modern global warming, we have 1 degree [or nearly so], since 1850. The reason 1850 is chosen as a start point is that it coincides with a blip in cooler weather – possibly sparked by a volcano. In other words, modern global warming may be as little as half a degree.

The authors point to the widespread presence of grazing animals such as mammoth, horses, bison, deer, antelope and the like, in regions now well north of the Arctic Circle. Pierre Gosselin, the blog author, says that contrary to the long standing view it was generally colder that at present there is a growing body of evidence showing the distinction between interglacial and glacial climate was not as star as previously thought. He points towards several other studies and provide the names and dates of publication, saying much the same thing. One commentator, however, says that a Mario Builreps suggested the poles had moved and provide a link to a video – at www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHQmUm17pLQ and www.youtube.com/watch?v=SloOGCkKWY or go to www.youtube.com and key in the name Mario Builreps.

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