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Water Water Everywhere

23 September 2021

Robert sent in the link to https://phys.org/news/2021-09-groundwater-ice-sheets-largest-reservoir.html … with the comment that deep hot water was found at the Kola super deep bore hold, casting doubt on the popular image of molten lava beneath our feet. Such deep fluids were predicted by Thomas Gold – and the origins of hydrocarbons. This was his Deep Earth Gas Theory. The earth may be a lot more porous than it has been thought. In 1955 Fred Hoyle wrote about this very subject – what he called 'Gold's Pore Theory' – how the earth could be porous, even at great depths. See https://archive.org/details/features-of-astro031522mbp/page/n51/mode/2up … the first links says that groundwater is earth's largest water reservoir – not the ice sheets. The groundwater reservoir is deep – and very salty. It is of no use for drinking water or for irrigation. Desalination of sea water is probably a lot cheaper.

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