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Lumps in Taurids

10 October 2021

At https://phys.org/news/2021-10-prior-swarm-large-asteroids-hidden.html … we were told over a year ago, problem two of three years ago, that NASA was actively looking for big lumps of debris in Taurid streams. Nothing much came of that. Silence. However, a pair of space scientists, Italian or Spanish, have written a paper for Planetary and Space Science on just this topic. It seems they conducted their own mission to look for large lumps of space debris. They claim to have found a swarm of them. They are described as asteroids rather than pieces with an origin in a comet – although they do mean the latter. They are talking specifically about the late October Taurid stream, that gave rise to Halloween and Guy Fawkes night, as well as Diwali. This is thought to be a debris stream from Comet Encke – but the researchers claim this is not quite so as the lumps are too big. Both Comet Encke and the lumps derive from a much bigger comet. Ignacio Ferrin and Vincenzo Orofine claim the lumps hiding in the Taurid complex are just that – and the bigger comet probably arrived in the solar system 20,000 years ago. This might be a number conjured out of a magic hat they tip but it is not too far from Clube and Napier's estimate. So far, they have identified some 80 or so big lumps of debris in the Taurid streams, but the similarity to Clube and Napier is uncanny. The latter predicted the discovery of big lumps of cometary material orbiting in the Taurid system but did not actively seek them out. See https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pss.2012.105306

The link to the article was sent in by Ken. He accompanied it with a link to an article of his own – at https://creation-history.com/news/3/49/The-Book-of-the-Heavenly-Cow/ … or how the Taurid meteor stream caused terror and catastrophe. He makes use of the discoveries in the first link – and he provides a useful image of the way earth's smaller orbit interacts annually with the longer orbit of the Taurid meteors.

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