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12 October 2021
Climate change

William sent in the link – www.yahoo.com/finance/news/energy-crisis-gripping-world-potentially-1203… … an energy crisis is gripping the world with potentially grave consequences – according to the Washington Post. The energy market is critically insecure at the moment but presumably will iron itself out when world economies get back on steam [pun intended]. The covid shutdown has led to a far from smooth transition back to what it was prior to the health scare. Not a lot to say at the moment although over here in the UK the government does have a distinct problem on the brew. Hubble, bubble, toil, and trouble, as the saying goes. The current government has a lot of people making fat profits out of renewables and dissing fossil fuels. They might be landowners with wind turbines on their property, or investors in solar and wind that are raking in a seven per cent margin as opposed to conventional investments at less than half that rate. Then we have various boards and climate organisations crewed by a motley number of politicos, pontificating while advising the government to go full Net Zero, and creaming Joe Public. They are even prepared to stay dumb while the rest of the economy goes down the toilet. Perhaps we are seeing the last stages of capitalism eating itself. Who knows – but it's long past brown envelopes on the golf tees. It is a disaster in the making – but there are a few small voices bleating in the background, even amongst the politicos. If a few blackouts brought the Callaghan government to an end in 1979 one does wonder what a Net Zero economy with incessant rolling blackouts and energy crashes will do for the current crop of politicos – in the three main parties. It will certainly be interesting days ahead, one might say.

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2021/10/12/new-study-confirms-sun-cosmic… … which is post on a new study brought to our attention by the newly formed Net Zero Watch – go to www.netzerowatch.com/sun-cosmic-ray-climate-connection-confirmed/ … the research is by Henrik Svensmark, Jacob Svensmark, Martin Bodker Engloff, and Nir Shaviv, and concerns 25 years of data they collated from satellite sources. They suggest there is a significant role for cosmic rays in climate change. That would mean the alarmism is over hyped [or over egged in the lingua of climate scientists]. It may even mean global warming is largely a fantasy – or in the words of Lindzen, absurd.

See also https://phys.org/news/2021-10-large-effect-solar-earth-energy.html … with a link to Scientific Reports – https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-99033-1 … a lot of this is already known by atmospheric scientists, such as Richard Lindzen, one might imagine. This is that the solar wind [composed of plasma] protects us from a lot of cosmic rays from outside the solar system. These are known as Forbrush events and these have been known about for 80 years. Apparently, a lot of climate scientists are in the dark on the process – or so it would seem. The recent breakthrough expands on this knowledge – see https://ceres.larc.nasa/gov … and https://modis.gsfc.nasa.gov/about/

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