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Ohio Hopewell Airburst

25 October 2021

At https://cosmictusk.com/hopewell-comet-airburst-event/ … these things are coming thick and fast of late. In AD335  a cosmic airburst occurred in North America, during the Hopewell culture phase. We may also not AD335 is fairly late in the Roman period and comes in at a time when the Romans were doing quite well and there is little evidence of climatic downturn. At least, not in Britannia or Gaul. However, looking at the post further, there were 29 C14 dates for the event – b etween AD252 and AD383. AD335 is simply an average date. Why the disparity in dating methodology? Might there have been an influx of C14 into the atmosphere – presumably closer to the earlier date rather than the later date. The Romans certainly did experience problems in the middle of the 3rd century AD. The empire almost fell apart. In Britannia, a warlord took control as the Roman system had failed. He even had coins minted in his name. If an airburst occurred in Ohio it is likely that others may have occurred in Eurasia.

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