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Cannibal CME

30 March 2022

A cannibal coronal mass ejection is heading for the Earth, due to arrive tomorrow, the 31st of March. We have entered a cold period this week but that is likely to dramatically change next week as the double whammy CME is going to punch a lot of energy into the earth system, See https://spaceweather.com [March 29th]. Auroras will be seen further south than normal. Sun spot AR2975 unleashed a frenzy of solar plumes – more than 17. Eleven of these were C class flares and six M class flares. At least two full halo CMEs emerged from the chaos. There is a video of the action at the link above, via the SOHO instrument. The two full halo CMEs will merge into a single, cannibal CME, before striking Earth’smagnetic field.

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