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Labrador Crater

25 April 2022

Sent in by William. At https://www.yahoo.com/news/official-hottest-rock-ever-recorded-215246284.html … a Canadian Space Agency funded project in Newfoundland and Labrador has been looking at the Mistastin Crater. This is 28 km wide and was created by a space object around 36 million years ago. They came up with a piece of rock that was subject to very high temperatures. It is said to have formed at 2,370 degrees Celsius – during the impact event. That temperature, they say, is even hotter than the earth’s Mantle. It includes a piece of zircon, a hard mineral that crystalises under intense heat. Subsequently, four zircons were taken from different rocks in the crater, and at different locations. They all contributed to the official temperature produced by the impact.

The crater is known by the modern lake of the same name, Mistastin. This is situated within the crater, which is 16 km in diameter. The size of the original crater, at 28 km wide, is an estimate. It goes back to the Eocene.

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