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Free Floating Black Holes

13 June 2022

This story is at https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/06/220610120222.htm … black holes, by their nature, are invisible, unless they are surrounded by an accretion disc, we are told. Astronomers are looking for them via gravitational microlensing where it is thought black holes brighten distant light from stars towards the galactic centre. No wonder we have so many super massive black holes discovered at the heart of galaxies. Now, a UC Berkeley led team may have found a ‘free floating’ black hole – although it is admitted, it might be a neutron star.

Astronomers, it would seem, are of the opinion the death of large stars tends to leave behind a black hole, as a result of a supernova event. In this study, a different angle is evident. Black holes are not the result of supernovas but are, instead, the result of failed supernovas. The link provides a lot of information regards how the microlensing process works, which is useful. This is serious science. It also admits the idea of black holes is built on assumptions, a quite refreshing point of view. These assumptions have of course become mainstream thinking, a paradigm not likely to collapse any time soon. Not only that but huge amounts of money are being spent on space telescopes and observatories. It is therefore necessary for the majority of astronomers to stick to the mainstream point of view as the money could well dry up if doubt is sown.

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