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Jupiter Inhomogeneous

13 June 2022

At https://phys.org/news/2022-05-jupiter-inhomogeneous-metallicity-clues.html … Gary sent in a link but this story is easier to read at PhysOrg. Jupiter’s gaseous envelope doesn’t have a homogeneous distribution. The inner part has more metals than the outer parts. They go on to say a high metallicity comes from the manner in which the planet formed. Rather than accreting pebble sized pieces of rock, as well as dust, Jupiter was formed by accreting planetesimals. This is based on the metal content. However, they used metal as a way to provide a clue on how the planet might have formed but it is clear the interior of Jupiter is quite different from the gaseous atmosphere that we see beamed down to us from Juno. The Juno mission was able to sense gravitational pull above different locations as it orbited the planet. The visible layer or envelope is littered with hurricanes and the Gtreat Red Spot, as well as other intriguing formations of swirling clouds etc.

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