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Weird Sun

20 June 2022

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2022/06/19/the-sun-is-being-weird-it-could-be-because-were-looking-at-it-all-wrong/ … which concerns the current solar cycle, 25, and its unexpected activity. Solar physicists got it wrong and so did global warming sceptics. Lots of people have egg on their faces it would seem. We learn that solar scientists admit they do not understand the solar dynamo. I’m sure there are plenty who think they do. The mainstream mantra for what is behind the magnetic fields of the sun, as seen at the surface as sun spots, might not be up to scratch. Most thnk it is the number of sun spots that appear, the magnetic fields becoming apparent when producing solar flares. Hence, inaccuracies in prediction are not surprising, it is concluded.

Solar cycles, eleven years or twenty two, are inextricably linked to the solar magnetic field, which arcs across the surface of the sun in twists, curls, and loops. Roughly every eleven years the sun’s magnetic poles flip, north becoming south, and vice versa. This switch coincides with solar maximum – a peak in sun spot activity, and flares, as well as coronal mass ejections. Following the reversal of the magnetic poles solar activity declines. It ramps up again at the beginning of the following eleven year cycle, as it is doing at the moment. The current solar cycle is well on towards solar maximum – but this time there are a lot of sun watching telescopes and cameras pointed in that direction. Solar physicist Scott McIntosh, claims predicting solar cycles based on how many sun spots we count is a problem. The sun spot cycle is not the primary activity. It is in fact secondary, contrary to mainstream thinking. It is the underlying Hale cycle, as the 22 year magnetic cycle is called, that is primary. The sun spot cycle is a subset in the bigger picture. See for example https://arxiv.org/abs/2101.02569 …  The comments at the links are good but see also https://sciencealert.com/something-is-up-with-the-sun-and-it-could-mean-our-models-are-wrong

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