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Nu Cho ga

2 July 2022

Sent in by William – https://www.yahoo.com/news/near-perfect-30-000-old-172649386.html … found by miners in the Yukon Klondike, a 30,000 year old baby woolly mammoth. It still has intact toenails, hide, hair, trunk and intestines. It was christened Nu cho ga = big baby animal in the local tongue. It was encased in a muck deposit. The offered line is that the animal got trapped in mud, a sort of simplification of the muck. The catastrophic explanation is that it was overwhelmed in a tidal bore running up the river valley as a result of seismic or other factors. This is suggested by the nature of the muck, which is basically a mix of sediments with broken animal bones and vegetable matter, including the branches of trees, and so on. That is not to say the muck was laid down in one event. One can envisage multiple episodes of tidal bores. The point is the gold miners have to remove the muck to get at the gold in the river gravels. It is an extremely thick deposit, and has been described by geologists working for gold mining companies. For some reason, armchair geologists, or academics, do not like the observations made, and prefer their comfortable uniformitarian explanation. It is time the academics caught up with geologists in the field on this one.

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