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9 August 2022
Climate change

Good news on the global warming front. You won’t have heard much about this in mainstream media sources. Coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is at record levels for the second year on the trot. This follows on from several bleaching events that received a lot of media attention. A stark contrast. It is now obvious the bleaching did not kill much coral otherwise that would not have responded so quickly. More hype from the doom mongers we might hazard a guess. For the story see for example https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2022/08/05/great-barrier-reef-coral-cover-hits-record-levels-for-second-year/ … where it seems official data  released reveals the reef is in very good health with coral cover virtually at record levels. Or at least, since the reef became the focus of attention of the alarmists. No doubt it has been better in the past but it does suggest the reef is a lever to reel Australia into the climate scare business.

Will this inspire Joe Public? They are fed a constant torrent of disaster just around the corner as far as the Great Barrier Reef is concerned. Thye media are in it up to their armpits. However, it now seems like  a lot of falsehoods have been spoon fed to the media who for reasons known only to themselves, but no doubt involving money, have lapped it up as disaster news is what a lot of them get a kick from. They don’t report good news. Too boring.

According to Benny Peiser, former council member at SIS,  who is now part of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the data clearly shows that coral bleaching has had only a localised impact on the well being of the reef. These bleaching events are presented by the media in apocalyptic terminology. However, the data proves they are simply scaremongering. Benny is of course as polite as ever. Others would describe it in more colourful language.

A comment below the piece asks why the mainstream media ignore the good news? However, this is followed by a comment from Oldbrew who is a guy with his head screwed on the right way round, we must expect the coral bleaching to recurr at some point in the future, just as it did in 2011. It is a natural process with rapidly fluctuating levels of coral cover – but the doom maerchants will use the next bleaching to scare the children, once again. All so predictable.  See also https://www.thegwpf.org/publications/great-barrier-reef-breaks-coral-cover-record-again/

See also https://www.masterresource.org/droz-john-awed/25-industrial-wind-energy-deception/ … not one but twenty five of the. Worth a browse.

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