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Fast Convergence of India with Asia

29 August 2022

At https://phys.org/news/2022-08-crucial-evidence-anomalously-fast-convergence.html … another admittance by mainstream of a problem not aired to Joe Public. As usual in a research paper that alleges it has the answer. The theory is that the closure of the Tethys Ocean and the formation of the Tibetan Plateau are bound up with one of the most significant tectonic events in Earth’s history. However, to activate the Himalayan mountain building it is necessary to opportune this to the Indian subcontinent moving across what is now the Indian Ocean and crashing into southern Asia, causing the land to buckle and create the mountain range. This is regarded as a double subduction event – one to create the Plateau and the other to create the mountain ranges in the region. All hypothetical of course as until now there has been no evidence of Mantle rocks in areas of the Himalayas investigated over the years. The idea of a single subduction is a given, as that is part of mainstream’s picture of mountain formation. The double subduction is the problem – until now. A Chinese geo-survey in Myanmar, or what was known as Burma, claims to have found slabs of  rock that may support the double subduction proposal. It is aided and abetted by copious amounts of modelling.

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