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Dinosaur Mummification

17 September 2022

William sent in the link to https://www.yahoo.com/news/dinosaur-mummy-researchers-believe-found-214041437.html … researchers in Canada have found what they believe to be a full dinosaur mummy, lodged in a hillside. It is yet to be fully excavated and appears to be a juvenile. Currently, at time of press, it is known solely from foot and a tail poking out of the earth, but what can be seen has fossilised skin. It is thought to be a duck billed Hadrosaur from the Late Cretaceous period. It is so well preserved you can see the individual scales, its tendons, as well as its skin. It is hoped that internal organs will also be preserved. It’s hard to imagine the animal died 76 million years ago as it is near perfectly preserved. The paleontologist says, it must have died and then immediately covered in sand or silt – or it was killed and a river bank fell on it. Very quickly. That is a strangled way of saying it died in a catastrophic incident of some kind – with immediate burial.

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