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Aurora Heat Wave

12 November 2022
Astronomy, Electromagnetism

Sent in by William – https://news.yahoo.com/jupiters-aurora-triggered-planet-wide-113000440.html … Jupiter’s aurora triggered a planet wide heat wave. Solar plasma caused the aurora at it north pole. Subsequently, heat spilled down the planet. Astronomer James O’Donaghue, now thinks auroras cause constant heating across Jupiter’s upper atmosphere – as Jupiter is weirdly hot. One might wonder, in that case, do auroras play a similar role in earth’s atmosphere?

Jupiter is situated a long way from the Sun yet its upper atmosphere is 400 degrees C, or 750F. He goes on to say Jupiter should be – 100 degrees C. It is so far from the Sun. There are some factors left out of this research, namely involving electric currents between Jupiter and its moons [or some of those moons], on the basis electromagnetism is not entirely about the magnetism but also includes the electro bit [electrictic currents]. O’Donoghue was using actual observation of Jupiter to arrive at his theory.

At https://phys.org/news/2022-11-greatest-damn-mysteries-physics-precise.html … one of the mysteries of physics is electromagnetism in space. We don’t know why electromagnetism is as strong as it is, or how it actually works, we are told.

At https://phys.org/news/2022-11-nasa-maven-mars-major-solar.html … the NASA Maven mission had the opportunity to observe a light show caused by a major solar storm. Last August, a solar flare, and a CME, erupted on the surface of the Sun and impacted Mars a few days later. Solar energetic particles accelerated ahead of the CME causing bright auroras at ultra violet wave lengths. The instruments on Maven recorded diffuse aurora and proton aurora – and the piece goes on to explain what this means.

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