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Nature versus climate science

8 December 2022
Climate change, Inside science

At https://www.sepp.org, and the newletter of 3rd December, 2022, we have an intriguing discussion of climate science, and what is going on the heads of climate scientists. It seems the latter have erased nature from climate science – nature as in the world around us, outside our human buildings and and outside the computer. We are told it is now an stand alone study of imaginary world. There are thousands and thousands of examples where climate models are inconsistent wih nature and observations from nature. Yet, IPCC reports appear to be quie contary to nature, so much so alarmists fear that increasing human carbon dioxide emissions will lead to extinction, not just of humanity but of nature itself.

Mathmetician David Young points out some of the numerous difficulties in overcoming the over confidence in computational fluid dynamics as depicted in the global circulation models [better known as climate models]. This is common in climate studies where nature is ignored. The models themselves, he says, are influenced by selection and postive results bias.

Francis Menton reports on politicos not thinking through the consequences of Net Zero. Unless wind and solar energy is stored, somehow, billions of dollars, or pounds, used to subsidise it, will be squandered. The energy will siply fly away – into the wind, unless it is stored for use when the wind is not blowing, or the sun is hidden, by dark clouds, or night fall.

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