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Sun Doing Somersaults

12 February 2023
Astronomy, Electromagnetism

a couple of post at https://spaceweather.com … On the 11th February [2023] sunspot AR3217 has a ‘beta-gamma delts’ magnetic field that hosts enough energy for an X class flare. The sun spot is turning towards the earth, this weekend.

Then we have a canyon of fire on the 10th of February, a filament of electro-magneitism in a spotless region of the Sun’s atmosphere. A ribbon  of energy dragged a piece of the atmosphere to form a slow moving CME.

Willian also sent in two links on the same subject – https://www.yahoo.com/news/massive-filament-swirls-polar-vortex-190838981.html … s NASA video shows part of the Sun breaking off and swirling  around its north pole. It resemble a tornado like vortex – which will intrigue electric universe advocates. Although the vortex is not usually observed by sun watchers on earth a solar prominence appears in the same spot, during every 11 year solar cycle. It is probably something to do with the Sun’s magnetic field reversing during solar cycles. The exact mechanism involved is a mystery, it seems, opening the door to mischief.

At https://www.yahoo.com/news/telescope-video-shows-part-sun-220506757.html … a video of the plasma swirling around the north pole of the sun, the so called vortex. This is a new word being used more frequently in the press, usually as a way to create a scary drama out of ordinary climate vagaries. Now we have a polar vortex on the sun. It should be noted that polar vortices have been seen on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Even on Saturn’s moon, Titan. Now we have the same feature on the Sun.

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