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A Watery Venus

13 March 2023

Water, water, everywhere … in the universe. At https://phys.org/news/2023-03-venus-oceans-life-earth.html … Venus is currently a planet which is incredibly hot at the surface. It had, or perhaps still has, a lot of volcanic activity. Volcanoes on earth blast lots of co2 into the atmosphere – yet Venus is said to have runaway global warming. Normally, high volcanic activity is associated with the early life of planets, as Velikovsky suggested. However, we might define that a little differently. It is assumed that on young planets there was a lot of volcanic and seismic activity associated with said planet cooling down. Evidence therefore of high volcanic activity is interpreted, when noted, with that planet’s early lifetime – but high volcanic activity may instead occur at any time in the planet’s existence, which might be the case with Venus. Otherwise the evidence from Venus would be contradictory.

In the link above scientists writing a study for PNAS [see https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2209751120 …. ] we have a proposal that Venus, in an earlier stage of its life as a planet in our solar system, may have sustained habitable conditions, for life [in some shape or form]. That is because Venus may have had liquid water and reflective clouds. It is another way of looking at Venus  and seems to be telling us that intense volcanic activity brought the watery Venus to an end – without divulging what caused the volcanic activity in a meaningful manner.

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