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Nuclear Winter Absent

24 April 2023
Catastrophism, Geology

William sent in the link to https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dinosaur-killing-asteroid-did-not- 185625946.html … which beggars belief by claiming the asteroid strike did not create a nuclear winter after the impact. Apparently, they discovered no evidence of it in studying a coal deposit laid down at the same time. This appears to be a typically uniformitarian kind of thinking as the assumption they begin with is that the coal was laid down over thousands of years – if not longer. However, in the real world the coal would have been created by the actual impact – very quickly. Simply analysing a coal seam for evidence of cold weather is a rather strange thing to do as coal by its nature requires great heat in order to form – converting plant material into a fossilised state. Mind you, I am writing this without reading the article as Yahoo don’t provide a link. It does however fit into the uniformitarian mindset of some geologists.

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