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Ice Free Arctic

26 May 2023
Climate change, Geology

As we come to the end of May there is a surfeit of interesting, as well as the whacky, papers published in the academic press. I’m spoilt for choice – so I’ll start with one of the whacky ones – to get everyone in a good mood. At https://phys.org/news/2023-05-ozone-treaty-delaying-ice-free-arctic.html … It is a bit disingeneous as it sets out to explain why an ice free Arctic, and Antarctic, is still not forthcoming. It has been a doom mongering scary story for years but consistently fails to occur. Indeed, Arctic sea ice is gaining year by year at the moment, the exact opposite of what they have forecast over the last 20 to 30 years.  One would be inclined to hide under the stairs and not show your face – but not the alarmists. They  are zealots. The reality is that sea ice is not going to go away, any time soon – if ever. It has been receding and then gaining over and over again for at least the last 300 years – when we have reliable naval logs  to record it. Unfortunately, the climate change fraternity don’t do evidence such as naval logs – or any kind of physical record, or any kind of historical data. They use models and it is only in the models that sea ice is going to disappear. Captain Cook was even looking for an ice  free route across the top of Canada. He stumbled upon Hawaii in the process – enroute the Pacific Ocean.

It seems the climate change fraternity now think they should find an excuse as even the faithful have noticed the sea ice is still there, even in the summer. They are now suggesting it was the 1987 global deal to protect the ozone layer that has delayed the ice free Arctic. Those CFCs have inhibited the ability of warmth to melt the sea ice over the North Pole, or reduce the size of the Greenland ice sheet. Wow. That is blatant tomfoolery, as an American might say. I don’t know who Tom was but he is not fooling anyone. The problem is that CFCs did not  do anything to ozone. The Chinese were still producing CFCs for years after the treaty, taking advantage of the West’s compensation scheme. Making CFCs in order to destroy them and get paid for them. Indeed, it was proven years ago that it is the solar wind, via CMEs, that disperse ozone at the poles. It takes a number of years for the ozone to reoccupy the hole – and this is why the ozone hole keeps reappearing, much to the chagrin of environmentalists who wish to brag they got rid of it via the treaty. Indeed, we now know ozone holes can even appear in the tropics, and they are not confined to the poles. That makes sense as CMEs, coronal mass ejections, can strike the earth anywhere. I can’t see why climate change advocates always feel free to lie – telling porkies will always be found out in the end. If they really believed the world was warming and we were all going to fry they would provide some evidence to show this – but they don’t. All they have is models. Models rely on input. If you ignore the role of the Sun, and the solar wind, then your models won’t provide an answer along those lines.

The Eurekalert version of the story is republished at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2023/05/24/claim-ozone-treaty-is-delaying-first-ice-free-arctic-summer/ … which should, I thought, provide some choice responses in the comments section. They were clearly not impressed by the paper and clearly thought the Sun played a role. Not sure what that means for the alarmists. Probably nothing as they would not bother reading objections to their alarmism.

Also at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2023/05/22/mud-volcano-discovered-in-the-barents-sea/… the mud volcano discovered in Norwegian waters, in the Barents Sea. It is situated inside a crater that is 300m wide and 25m deep, suggesting a catastrophic blow out at some point in the past – possibly at the end of the Ice Age, around 18,000 years ago. There is another mud volcano in Norwegian waters, sout of Svalbard.


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