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Carrington Sun Spot

9 June 2023
Astronomy, Climate change

At https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2023/06/06/how-big-was-carringtons-sunspot/ … the story starts off by having a joke at the expense of the so called fact cherckers. Ask Chat GPT how big was Carrington’s sunspot and the answer you get is Carrington’s observation of the great solar storm of 1859 did not provide a direct measurement of the size of the sunspot that made it happen. Palpably wrong as only a fact checker can be. Carrington made beautiful drawings of sun spots – and we do know just how big that sunspot was. In fact, Carrington made  a habit of carefully measuring sun spots, and recording them on paper. In 1859 one of them exploded in a blinding flash of light. It was the first time anyone had witnessed a solar flare, we are told, and it made Carrington famous. It was also witnessed by another amateur sun observer on the opposite of the pond, so was collaborated. Two days later a CME struck the earth system and sparked an intense solar storm. In the US it set fire to telegraph stations and auroras were visible as far south as Cuba and Hawaii. Solar storms of such intensity are said to occur every 40 to 60 years, on average. The sun spot itself was big – but not out of the ordinary. One of a similar size occurred in 2003 – AR486.

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/06/the-sun-in-june-2023/ … is by David Archibald. His predictions, in the past, have not been particularly successful – as far as global cooling is concerned. The comments seem to back this view up. I’m not sure to what degree he factors in the Little Ice Age, but that may be what has caused exaggerated data in the past. If the LIA was primarily as a result of a dust laden atmosphere leading to an opaque sky and then we have nothing similar in the modern world. Korean and Chinese records seem to suggest there was a lot of activity in the sky – as a result of meteors and volcanoes etc. In spite of that it is interesting to read his train of thinking. However, you will have to wade through a lot of graphs.

A more relevant study can be accessed over at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2023/06/08/what-if-climate-is-self-regulating/ … Oops! That will put a few necks out of joint. What if climate is self regulating. See https://rclutz.com/2023/06/07/what-if-climate-is-self-correcting/ … and https://www.pressreader.com/usa/the-wall-street-journal/20230605/281865827863113 …  what if the climate can heal itself? A paliative for the existential threat made by climate change, as advocated by alarmists – shrilly and loudly. After all, the Gaia theory would indicate the earth system works as a whole. The earth has also been around for a long time – 4.5 billion years is the estimate. Enough time to introduce some resonance into the earth system.


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