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The Big Sloppy

11 June 2023
Climate change, Physics

At https://phys.org/news/2023-06-el-nino-early-big-sloppy.html … as the media gots overheated at the prospect of an upcoming El Nino event we might like to ponder on why it is happening. NOAA have actually issued an El Nino advisory – on June 8th. They seem pretty confidant it is going to occur, a purely natural process that takes place as regular as clockwork. However, this El Nino is going to be something else – big and sloppy, we are told. There will be a global spike in temperatures around the world. It is what the alarmists have been yearning for – a spike to get rid of the ‘pause‘ that has plagued the narrative over the last few years. Earlier last week we heard  there was a lot of heat in the thermosphere as a result of solar activity – and another M class flare the other day adds to that heat. We are  at the mid point of solar cycle 25. Is the upcoming El Nino, big and busty, the earth’s way of of disappearing a lot of that heat – some of which must reach the surface in spite of climate scientists denying a role for the Sun. It is channelled from the mid Pacific region into the Indian and Atlantic oceans, and eventually ends up in the Arctic Ocean. It is then dispersed back into the upper atmosphere, or space, as warm air rises when in a cold environment. It gets cold in the Arctic – which is why we have sea ice and an ice cap on Greenland. Does this mean the earth system does indeed regulate itself? Chiefio was saying something like this years ago, emphasizing we live on a water planet.

Mind you, reading the link we may note there is a lot of hype going the rounds. Apparently, although it is well known that hurricanes are more common in cooler climate conditions, they are suggesting, with mind games, this year El Nino will cause them to increase, exactly the opposite of the science. The hype is clearly related to the fact the oceans are already heated above normal. This occurred as a result of the Tonga submarine volcano. That warm water is still in the system and has yet to dissipate. El Nino’s mean California will be wetter but Australia will be drier. Drought will disappear from some places and reappear at other locations. The BBC will be having kittens. You have been warned.

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