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Beyond Climate Hyperventilation

13 August 2023
Climate change, Geology

At https://phys.org/news/2023-08-scientists-climate-el-nino-factors.html … some scientists, rather than continuing to ignore most of the hyperventilation by activists, are more ready to show a bit of resistance to the ‘settled science’ meme. In other words, they may not be fully onboard the global warming hysteria. This isn’t an outright dismissal, though, but a few tentative steps. Possibly, to test the water. They say the current warming episode, in 2023, cannot be solely attributed to global warming, or the upcoming El NIno. The latter has yet to emerge – so that is not entirely a surprise. It remains in a pregnant status – not having shown itself.

It is said the UN and the climate alarmist lobby are going to up the stakes shortly. They are keen to get things moving. We might ask, what else could be to blame for this year’s warmth? The fact that the heat is in the oceans, or circulating around the oceans, might be telling us something. And these scientists seem to agree – by pointing a finger at the Hunga Tonga submarine volcano. They also don’t go so far as to say the volcano is entirely responsible – as they might be shot down in flames by other scientists. Instead, they say that new UN regulations on shipping fuels is a factor. It is questionable if there has been time for that to percolate through the earth system – but we might regard it as a sop to the activists. After all, it is their cacophony that led to those  regulations being imposed. By praising global warming counter measures they take the edgo off the unpalatable, to the alarmists, idea, that the volcano played a role by pumping lots of water into the stratosphere.

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