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Long Covid

28 August 2023
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Interesting  appraisal of Long Covid at https://scitechdaily.com/unmasking-the-long-covid-mystery-new-study-reveals-cause-of-muscle-weakness/ … Long  Covid is debilitating and symptoms hang on for months – and months. A potential cause for long covid has been found by Maltese researchers from the Univeristy of Malta. Fatigue and mobility issues are  associated with Long Covid. People can have bouts of feeling okay, and are able to get out and about. Then, the fatigue returns and they find themselves unwilling to do much in the way of physical effort. That can happen over and over again. It seems, a good percentage of people, after suffering from Covid symptoms, continue to experience life disrupting symptoms. The fatigue, shortness of breath, and the ‘brain fog’, difficulty to concentrate, is a universal problem, around the world. These are also, one might add, similar to symptoms when contracting influenza. Most people get over the flu but it seems a lot of people are having a struggle to get over covid. The Maltese scientists say there is a breakdown in communication betwen nerves and muscles. Key molecules required for nerves to send messages to muscles have been compromised [in their test patients]. The surface of cells can also be hi-jacked by antibodies leading to the immune system attacking the body rather than defending it. Therefore, there are similarities with multiple sclerosis.

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