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Hand Axe

29 August 2023
Anthropology, Archaeology

At https://scitechdaily.com/scientists-discover-300000-year-old-giant-handaxe-in-rare-ice-age-site/ … This struck a chord with me. I have handled, and looked at, many stone axes and handaxes over the years. Admiration for the polished stone axe as well as the  beauty of a handaxe from the Middle Pleistocene is simply an appreciation of the skill that went into its making. This one is larger than normal. In fact, one of the largest found in Britain. It is also around 300,000 years old. It was presumably fashioned by a Neanderthal, or an earlier predecessor related to Neanderthals.

Archaeologists at University College London’s archaeological institute found it in sediment dating to the middle Pleistocene period. On a hill side overlooking the Medway valley. It doesn’t say if this was a terrace – a former channel of the river Medway. Terrace formations in the Thames valley have produced a lot of Ice Age tools such as handaxes. What we are told is that the sediment was found in a sinkhole and represented an ancient river channel. One of the handaxes is nearly 30 cm in length [approximately a third of a metre].

See https://doi.org/10.11141/ia.61.6 … and was published on Internet Archaeology [6th July 2023].

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