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Chinese Sink Hole

2 September 2023

Gary also sent in this link and concerns a Chinese sinkhole containing an ancient forest, 600 feet below the surface – see https://www.dailymail.co.uk/science-tech/article-12429387/ … the sinkhole forest was discovered by a cave exploration team. It is located in a GeoPark known for its karst formation and the existence of a lot of caves and holes in the limestone geology. It measures 306 m in length, 150 m in width, and 192 m in depth. Trees growing on the  bottom are 40 m high.

At https://phys.org/news/2023-08-volcano-eruption-fiji-years-ago100.html … around 2500 years ago the western side of the island of Kadavas in Fijii, was struck by a volcanic explosion that is preserved in native recollection and story telling. It formed a new mountain  – the giant yam mound.

At https://electroverse.info/hunga-tonga-driven-temperature-spike/ … the Electroverse blog turns its eye to the Hunga Tonga submarine volcano – and all that water vapour. Some interesting comments. The media largely ignored the implications of the volcano, we are told, preferring to put the temperature spike down to climate change. However, there is plenty of information on the Net about the volcano – so it is not all gloom. Unmentioned by Electroverse is that the media have also been quiet of late about the prospects of an El Nino event this year. A couple of months ago and they were hyping up the possibility, in expectation of a temperature spike to ratchet up the alarmism. Has the warm ocean water damped down and diluted the effect of El Nino? We shall know early next year.

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