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Disappointment Looms

12 September 2023
Climate change, Electromagnetism, Physics

It seems disappointment may loom for the climate cheerleaders as the Hunga Tonga volcano, which threw a huge amount of water vapour into the upper atmosphere, may not have the expected warming effect. Or rather, not for much longer. The reason – it may have been dispersed by the solar wind. In other words, the active Sun is having an effect on the water vapour as a long time warming agent. It may have caused heat waves in some parts of the world, and a summer of excessive rain in other regions, but it is looking like it may not have the potency to continue heating the world, as expected by some pundits earlier this year. It is an interesting idea as we already know that it is the solar wind that disperses the ozone in the upper atmosphere, and in so doing makes it look like the proverbial ozone hole over the polar zones – which comes and goes. In the mean time, El Nino is still not raising its head above the parapet – to any significant degree. See https://www.sepp.orgThe Week That Was, 9th September 2023.

The above observation comes from an analysis of the August UAH temperature trends – using satellite data from the Univerisity of Alabama’s ‘Earth System Science Center’. I suppose it will pan out by the start of next year and a clearer picture will emerge. They forecast that influence from stratospheric water vapour will be minor as far as surface temperatures are concerned. It is important to realise that this is satellite data from that part of the atmosphere where the water vapour was lifted. Water vapour is very often said to be the earth’s biggest greenhouse gas – much more important than co2. In fact, the ability of co2 to raise temperatures is largely an article of faith whereas it is an established fact that water vapour can warm the atmosphere. Commercial greenhouse market gardeners think an optimum for pumping co2 nto their long plastic grow tunnels, is around 1200. They produce lovely big tomatoes, great big strawberries, and cucumbers over a foot in length, sticking to that criterion. Even in cloudy NW Europe. The earth has about 400 and even if it doubles it will be well below the level of market gardening practice. It is reckoned by some people if co2 did double, or even treble, it would benefit mankind enormously, as there would be bumper crops. The exact opposite to what the alarmists claim. Who is right?

The same issue of ‘The Week That Was‘ pointed out that Willie Soon’s latest paper on climate was viewed by 20,.000 people in its first 10 days online. That is remarkable considering how the alarmists have demonised him. Obviously, a lot of people disagree with the alarmist ad hominem attack dogs. Two other people have thrown cold water on alarmist climate science. They are physicists. The papers can be accessed at  https://doi.org/10.1088/1674-4527/acfl8e … [pre-press]… by Connolly et al, and https://doi.org/10.1175/JAMC-D-22_00122.1 … Katata, Connolly, and O’Neil …. and the Willie Soon et al paper is at https://doi.org/10.3390/cli11090179 … and do look at the last one to see what all the fuss is about. Why do they want to silence Willie Soon? Is he a threat to their investments, and the renewables that cost the earth.


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