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Marine Beds and Dinosaurs

22 September 2023
Biology, Catastrophism, Geology

Robert sent in the link https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/doi/pii/S0195667123002057

and https://www.bath.ac.uk/announcements/fossils-of-primitive-cousins-of-t-rex-shed-light-on-the-end-of-the-age-of-dinosaurs-in-africa/ … together with

https://www.icr.org/article/more-flood-evidence/ … which is clear evidence of a disconnect. This is not evidence of the Biblical flood. Not at all. It is evidence of a catastrophic event – which I suppose could be blamed on God. However, there were no humans living in the dinosaur age. How on earth could  eye witnesses have preserved a written record of something that occurred that long ago. It is evidence that the asteroid that formed the Chicxulub crater created massive tsunami like waves that whooshed across North America, Eurasia, and now, Africa. Or at least, Morocco in North Africa. See also https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S019566711300116X … on an earlier paper in the same general locality. Noah’s flood was probably, but not certainly, within the Holocene. The 6200BC event which involved the flooding of continental shelf locations in different parts of the world may have flooded the Persian Gulf region, for example.

Having said that one of the links claimed pleisosaurs and mesosaurs and sharks were swimming in a shallow ocean – which sounds a bit questionable. How shallow is shallow. It is a matter of geological faith that shallow seas existed in the Late Cretaceous. A tsunami wave might look, if recorded in the rocks, like a shallow sea – but how could such large marine beasts have been swimming around in a bath tub. Such a wave could sweep a mixture of marine animals on to the land and gather up land animals in its path. A great flood that covered the surface of the earth is quite impossible, if only because of the mountains. How would anyone know it covered the whole earth? They would only know what was happening in the vicinity of their hidey hole – or reed boat. The flood story is full of mythological features, from the ark to the raven, from the 40 days and nights to the landing on top of a ountain. It all so0unds a bit like the boiling seas as described by the UN equivalent of the Pope. We can measure a bit how enormous the affect on the sea might have been by the recent Hunga Tonga submarine volcano. Not only did it warm the oceans the waves generated circled the globe. Times that by many orders of magnitude and you get tsunami waves capable of flooding specific parts of the continental land mass. The creationists are right, perhaps, to equate it with the Flood story – but it happened a long time prior to the advent of humans.

Morocco is a country with a distinct link to fossils from even older periods than the Cretaceous. These are also very often sea creatures but are dug up by enterprising locals, cleaned up and sold on to dealers, who sell them to tourists. Trilobites for example. Many a tourist comes home with a polished piece of rock, sometimes embellished to make it more attractive, and trilobites do make nice ornaments on the mantlepiece. In the 19th century, navvies and labourers building the canals and railways, used to come across fossils and sell them on. I can’t imagine anyone trying to flog a complete dinosaur skeleton – or the tangled pieces of a pleisosaur.

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