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Vincent Van Gogh and Nishimura

28 September 2023
Astronomy, Electromagnetism

At https://spaceweather.com … September 28th 2023, there is a  reference to Van Gogh waves in the magnetosphere. The idea comes from his painting, ‘A Starry Night’, in 1869. A paper in Nature Communications reveals that the same kind of waves can cause geomagnetic storms on earth. These are Kelvin Helmholtz Waves. They ripple into existence  when streams of gas flow past each other at different velocities. Van Gogh saw them in high clouds outside the window of an assylum in Saint Remy in France. They also form in space when the solar wind flows around earth’s magnetic field. NASAs THEMIS and MMS spacecraft produced the evidence of Kelvin Helmholtz Instabilities. The waves are large, we are told, and naturaly break on to eath’s magnetic field, propelling energetic particles deep into the magnetosphere. Aurora and geomagnetic storms are triggered. However, at the equinoxes they occur 3 times more frequently – in spring and autumn. At Halloween for example.

At https://spaceweather.com … 27th September 2023, we learn that Comet Nishimura is inside the orbit of Mercury. The link provides a short video clip of Nishimura being buffeted by a CME.

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