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Great Green Lie

27 October 2023
Climate change

A press release from https://www.thegwpf.com … via the Net Zero Watch, [] leads by saying the wind turbine industry confirm the Great Green Lie – hence the headline, for better or  worse [dated 26th October, 2023]. Campaign group Net Zero Watch says the wind lobby has affectively admitted, in actions if not in words, that it has been deceiving the British pubic on the cost of the energy transition. Is this a hole in one?

A particular wind company, unnamed here, has told the government it needs the subsidy ‘strike price’ to rise by 70 per cent if anymore wind farms are to be built. Are they hoping the incoming goverment, next year, will give way to their demands, in order to keep the trough bubbling away? The prime minister has responded by saying there has been long term deception. Strong language for a politician usually in thrall to the climate change agenda. The response came about as the wind industry had for a long  time claimed they could deliver energy at very low prices. It seems not. When the oil and gas prices rose last year, as a result of the war in Ukraine, newly built wind farms did not come on tap as there was more money to be earned by stopping the blades turning. This came back to bite their bums, it would seem, as the government decided to close the loophole. The response by the wind industry was not to take part in this year’s round of new licenses. There were no takers. Instead, they demanded a 70 per cent rise in subsidies in order to take part in the next round of licenses. It has not been forthcoming – and the reason why is contained within the prime minister’s own words. In other words, the wind industry had got used to making shed loads of money whether the wind mills were spinning or standing idle. That has ended and the investment has slumped. Tells you everything you want to know. It was all lies about the cheaper energy produced by wind – and solar. There is hope yet for solar if we get a bit of this global warming they are always on about – otherwise that too will go bellyup.

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