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Trilobite Graveyard

14 November 2023
Biology, Catastrophism, Geology

At https://www.sci.news/paleontology/bohemoliches-incola-diet-12313.html … we have fossilised specimens of trilobites, dating from the Ordovician, containing the contents of its guts. Stomach I assume. This was sent in by Gary, among other stories. Once again, we may notes these trilobites must have been fossilised almost instantly, if not immediately. How else could their gut contents have survived? This particular species of trilobites appear to have been scavengers on the sea floor, a role now taken by crabs and crustaceans of verious kinds. For more inforation see https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-023-06567-7

At https://www.livescience.com/planet-earth/volcanos/underwater-volcanic-eruption-gives-birth-to-new-island-in-the-pacific/ … I can remember something similar happening when I was a lad, a new island forming off Iceland. The latest example is off the Japanese island of Iwo Jimo in the Pacific. All to do with another submarine eruption. In October of this year, 2023. It led to the formation of a new 330 feet wide island – which will probably grow, in time. The sea and the island itself is currently littered with pumice, and discoloured water.

Over at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2023/11/10/drought-saps-the-panama-canal-disrupting-global-trade-can-el-nino-already-be-a-factor/ … an El Nino is being blamed fro the drought in Panama which has led to falling levels in the canal, leading to disruption in shipping traffic. Panama actually has an equatorial climate – and a fair portion of tropical rainfall. This year it is 30 per cent below normal – and the doomsters have been quick to blame global warming. It is going to get drier and drier in Panama they loudly crow. If the planet was really warming the tropical zone would be expanding. Currently the rain is all in northern latitudes and the problem for the warmists is that El Nino has failed to materialise anywhere else in the Pacific basin. This may be another effect of the Tonga volcano. Warming the world’s oceans – temporarily.




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