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Special Relativity and the Lorentz Equations: errors in Einstein’s 1905 paper

31 January 2024

The paper in the title has just been published in Physics Essays 37, January 2024, Alasdair Beal .. ISSN 0836-1398 [print] and 2371-2236 [online].

Special Relativity and the Lorentz Equations: Errors in Einstein’s 1905 paper. In 1905 Einstein presented his Special Theory of Relativity and claimed to prove that the Lorentz Transformation equations and time dilation of moving clocks can be deduced from it. In a new paper in Physis Essays 37.1, March 2024, Beal has identified errors in Einstein’s calculations which invalidate his conclusions.

Despite the mystique around Einstein and relativity there is no complicated physics in this paper and the mathematical errors identified are at the level of simple algebra. Whilst many authors have discussed the implications of Einstein’s theory, which are complex, they have not identified the simple errors in his calculations which are fatal to his analysis.

You can view the paper and also download a PDF copy at Beal’s web site, https://anbeal.co.uk/relativity.html

Alisdair Beal will also be presenting his findings in an online lecture of Saturday 2nd March 2024 at 3pm [UK time]. This should be easier for non-specialists to understand and will be recorded and available for replay afterwards. Links to online lecture below …

http://youtube.naturalphilosphy.org ….







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