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Voyager One

24 February 2024

At https://www.space.com/nasa-voyager-spacecraft-mission-deep-space …  seems an odd headline. NASAs Voyager One spacecraft isn’t doing so well, we are told. For the last couple of months engineers have been trying to get it back online. Voyager One has perhaps escaped from the solar system and is thought to now be in interstellar space – surrounded by darkness. Is that why it is glitchingt? Yet, ground control can still communicate with it.

However, it seems Voyager One is now communicating with NASA once more – see https://www.space.com/voyager-1-data-glitch-solved

At https://www.livescience.com/space/space-exploration/undiscovered-minimoons-may-orbit-earth-could-they-help-us-become-an-interplanetary-species …. it almost sounds like Len Saunders theory of moons breaking up and presenting a problem to life on the surface – as described in an SIS article. It is being suggested there are small moons, or space rocks, orbiting the earth. Why go to the asteroid Bennu, we are told, these minimoons are much closer. However, sometimes they are captured and after a short period of time, shoot off into space again – and this is repeated over and over again. They may be rich in minerals – but more importantly, they might harbour water. How would you go about harvesting the water out of the rock?

Starting in 2025 the Legacy Survey of Space and Time camera will snap over 700 pictures each night for 10 years in order to catalogue the solar system at high precision. It may help astronomers  detect asteroids – and minimoons.

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