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Dimorphos Asteroid

2 March 2024

William sent in the link to an MSN science story – NASAs DART spacecraft impact may have caused the Dimorphos asteroid to remarkably reform. Instead of creating a crater the DART mission impact seems to be restructuring itself into a fresh heap of cosmic rubble. DART did manage to alter the orbit of Dimorphos, as per the aim of the mission, but did they choose the wrong kind of asteroid. The post impact changes are unexpected. It seems the density of Dimorphos is low which is one reason it was chosen. This may indicate an origin in Didymos, the larger asteroid around which it orbits. Indeed, Didymos may itself be a ball of rubble.

The same story is https://spaceweather.com … February 29th 2024. You can access the archive or simply pull down the date link to the desired date. Here, we are told, the impact blasted huge streamers of debris into space, and changed its orbit around Didymos. It also shows several computer simulations of the restructuring process.

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