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Palaeolithic Writing Systems - or a message from the Pleistocene

New Scientist February 17th had an article on Chauvet Cave and it's Palaeolithic art (southern France). The most famous of the paintings is the group of trotting horses, or the two rhinoceros in a bad mood, or even the depiction of wild cattle. What is generally ignored by the art critics who manage to enter the cave system are the semi circles, lines and zigzag signs marked on the same walls - they have mostly been ignored. Until now.

Chumash archaeo-astronomy?,8599,1960661,00.html  February 9th ... a tree in California was carved with astronomical signs representing constellations, it is alleged. The scorpion tree, a gnarled oak in the Santa Lucia Mountains, has the image of a six legged lizard meticulously scrawled across it's trunk, nearly 3 feet in length and topped with a rectangular crown and two large spheres. It belonged to the Chumush, it is thought, as they were responsible for similar painted rock art elsewhere in California.


Science News at has a story that pops up on other sites and blogs such as about people migrating from NE Asia to North America at various times during the Holocene. The story is about an intrusion that passed all the way across Alaska and northern Canada and ended in Greenland.


The Guardian January 22nd ... Israel is to fund a genetic study to determine if there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel and the Pashtun peoples of southern Afghanistan and its borders. The Afride tribe has been chosen for the study, many of whom live in northern India. Afride has been linked rather speculatively to Ephraim, while another tribe, the Yusufzai, are said to derive from Joseph.