Catastrophism news

Velikovsky's Sources

Bob Forrest wrote a couple of articles published by SIS and it seems he was in regular communication with Rene Gallant, author of Bombarded Earth (as we know from the private letters of Eric Crew as well as Gallant).

The Peter Warlow tippe top theory and the last Ice Age

If Peter Warlow's interpretation of the Late Glacial Maximum at the 2007 SIS Cambridge Conference has any substance to it then it follows that climate in East Asia will have been somewhat different than expected in the purely Milankovitch based consensus model. Peter Warlow (see also SIS Review 2008) placed the North Pole in the Davies Straits which gave a revised Arctic Circle. Suffice to say that a large part of Siberia was excluded - which is actually what facts on the ground might be saying.

The Meaning of Vedas

Yes, back to that interesting web site, which is an attempt to explain Indian mythology in the context of catastrophism. In chapter 18 the significance of the year 3102BC is emphasized. In Indian belief this year marked the beginning of a new era, the Kali Yuga. Tradition claimed that the planets Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon, were all situated near the nakshatria Revati.

The T/J extinction event

The boundary between the Triassic and the Jurassic coincided with a major extinction of species - but what caused this to happen? Scientists are now looking at the possibility of an impact from space - see No obvious crater has been found but distortion of the geological layering has been found, a signature of a violent event of some kind. The rocks of Britain are especially rich in Jurassic remains - even within inland counties. However, the boundary event can be seen quite clearly below cliffs in Antrim, and in Somerset and South Wales.

Whales in the desert sands of Chile

The discovery of 80 whales buried in the Atacama desert of northern Chile during the building of a highway has reappeared as a post at - sent in by SIS member William Thompson of Massachusetts (but see also and ). Look at all three sites as there are some wonderful pictures.

Alfred de Grazia is still buzzing - at 90 years and climbing.

The Quantavolution Conference in 2011 took place in October, in Athens (see ). Speakers included our very own Trevor Palmer, one of our favourite speakers, Mike Baillie, as well as Amanda Laoupi, Vladimir Rubtsov, and Flavio Barbeiro (who has contributed to SIS). Subjects ranged from doomsday cults, the 2300BC event, extraterrestrial impacts, Celtic myths and comets, plagues, advanced civilisations, sanskrit and ancient Greek gods in heaven with similarities to comets, and volcanic landscapes in the Mediterranean.

Timo Niroma

The catastrophist blog of Timo Niroma of Helsinki may have reached its conclusion. News is that he has recently died of cancer - so who might continue the good work in Finland? Timo is a former member of SIS and provided links from his web site to various articles in our journals. He was big on Clube and Napier at one time but more recently had turned to sun spots and 'coronal mass ejections' - see for instance which was expanded to page 7 by number. What happens to somebody's web site when they die - does it die as well?

Doomsaying and prophecies of End Times

At ... as 2012 approaches the doomsayers and mongers of disaster are abroad and barking in the dark. On the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011 the New Age fraternity, it seems, or some of them, plan to celebrate receiving 'energies' in preparation for a transformation of consciousness on the winter solstice of 2012. What the connection between the two dates might be is left unsaid but some kind of catastrophic event for 2012 has been dreamed up in the minds of some people - the internet is awash with stories.

Who might be pressing the SIS button - comets and catastrophe

At ... 13,000 years ago Earth may have been struck by multiple Tunguska sized cometary fragments over the course of about an hour, according to astronomer Bill Napier of the Cardiff University Astrobiology Centre. It led to the dramatic cooling of the Younger Dryas event. His paper, published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, has been out for over a year - but some people are just picking up on it.

A cold blast of air at the end of the Old Kingdom

At dear auntie, there is an excellent and well thought out article on the collapse of Egypt at the end of dynasty 6. People have said that the very long reign of Pepi II led to infighting among his heirs and led to decentralisation but the author strongly disagrees with this argument and several others. Fekri Hassan says there were a series of low Nile floods and the Faiyum, a lake 65m deep, dried up in the process. This implies it evaporated.